Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Busy

Even though it's been crazy busy this week, I managed to get my kernel scarf unpinned.

However, I'm thinking I blocked it a bit too severely. The pattern just kind of disappears, so I may re-do it this weekend.

Ya wanna hear something crazy? I have not knit a single stitch since Saturday. I don't really have any small projects to work on. Well, I guess I do. I have a charity scarf that I'm knitting out of some awful acrylic yarn, but it just isn't appealing to me. I also have my Falling In Love socks that I need to pull out and finish. Other than that, it's just the two big lace shawls, and they don't go too well with puppy.

Speaking of puppy, here is a cute puppy photo:

Jake says, "Play with me, will ya? Please?"

Rylea says, "Better you than me."


I made shrimp and sausage gumbo for supper. It was pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Cody must have thought so, too. He ate three bowls of it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my bloggiversary when it happened. November 15, 2005 was the day I posted my very first post. Funny to think I'm still blogging after 4 years. I usually lose interest in things pretty quickly. However, blogging and knitting have stuck around. And for my two faithful readers, I thank you for sticking around, too.

1 comment:

Patch said...

Two? Nuh uh, you have way more readers than that, silly. ;)

Four years is a long time to be blogging faithfully. I stopped counting the number of times I created a blog, only to delete it soon after. I guess I just didn't have as much to say as I thought. Same reason I only lasted 3 weeks on Facebook I guess. Plus there's other things I NEED to do/would RATHER be doing.


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