Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

and I avoided the stores like the plague. When I was a child, it was our family tradition to make fruitcakes on this day--the day after Thanksgiving. The hard part was putting them back for two weeks to ripen. When I got my own home, I began making them the Saturday after my birthday--which is November 11. That way, by the time Christmas season got here, they would be ready. Now, since I can't eat them, and Cody doesn't like them, we don't even bother. I know most people don't like fruitcake, and it's the butt of ridicule everywhere, but I love it, and miss being able to eat it.

We woke up to the first hard frost of the year. It was cold, too. Thirty one degrees. It almost feels like winter out there.

Even Rylea didn't stay out long. My rousing breakfast of pumpkin pie and hot chocolate hit the spot.

Pumpkin pie is a vegetable. Really, it is.

After lunch, Cody and I went driving. Cody is driving now. Yes, he is.

And I am getting grayer by the day. Or should I say, by the mile?

When we got back home, Cody got the Christmas tree out and put it together, with a little puppy assistance.

I was kind of worried about how Jake would react to the tree, but after a few curious sniffs he has completely ignored it.

We got the lights up, and will decorate it tomorrow.

Now, it's late. Cody is in the living room watching Star Trek movies. Jake is sleeping under my desk. Rylea is outside barking like a fool, and I'm about to head for bed.

After one more episode of Lost, that is.



Bag Blog said...

Yikes, it was cold there. We have been having some pretty nice weather for this time of year.
The pie and hot chocolate sure looked good!

Steve said...

I've never known anyone that made fruitcake, but I won't tease! :o)

Becky said...

Lou, thanks.

Steve, making fruitcakes is a family tradition that goes back to my great grandparents, at least. I don't make them any more, but my brother still carries on.

Patch said...

So YOU are the one responsible for the fruitcakes! ;)

Srsly, there was an old joke that there's really only one fruitcake in the world, which gets perpetually re-gifted.

Pie and hot chocolate, now that's my kinda breakfast! Alas the sugar-free kind of both for me these days, but it's still a respectable substitute.

Yeah, even though I don't decorate or give/receive gifts anymore, I still enjoy this time of year. In fact, the not decorating or having to shop helps me enjoy it MORE (looking at lights, creamy hot beverages, cool crisp weather, and Christmas songs all month long on my favorite local radio station).


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