Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've always loved decorating for Christmas. As a child, we weren't allowed to put up our Christmas decorations until the Saturday after school let out. And we took them down the day before we went back to school. I always begged my daddy for more time. Can't we put them up earlier, please? But he said no. He said that if we put them up earlier, we'd be tired of them by Christmas.

Once I had my own home, and I could put my tree up any time I wanted to, I started putting my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. And do you know what? I never get tired of it. Sometimes I don't take it down until the middle of January, and I still hate doing it.

This is my tree about halfway decorated. Cody didn't seem all that interested this year, so I did most of it myself. I saved his special ornaments for him to hang, though.

Here is me hanging mine:

I didn't like the way this corner turned out, so I rearranged it after I took this picture.

I'll try to get a new picture of it tomorrow.

Oddly enough, I didn't start collecting Fontanini Nativity figures until after I'd gotten back from Italy. This is as far as I've gotten.

I'd like to get another couple of figures for it, but since they closed the Hallmark store here in town, I haven't gotten any new ones in several years.

And finally, the finished tree. I don't think we'll put presents under it. I don't trust Jake enough.

Now, as the day draws to a close, so does my wonderful, glorious week off. How it could have gone by so fast, I don't know. But it's gone, and it's back to the grindstone tomorrow. I sure hate that.

But such is life.


Martial Arts Mom said...

I never tire of it either. We usually put our tree up on Thanksgiving night but we had company so we did it yesterday. I have two full sets - one set blue, silver & white theme and one set red, green and gold. I wanted the blue this year. I think I'll post my pictures later today too.

Becky said...

I look forward to seeing them!

Patch said...

My mother always said that she's never seen an ugly bride or a baby that wasn't cute.

Me? I've never seen an ugly Christmas tree or a puppy/kitten that wasn't cute. Guess I part company with Mom on this one.

99% of my Christmas decs are long gone, a result of my still-decluttering jag, so I'll just enjoy yours virtually Bec. I only have a handful of favorite ornaments left, but nothing to hang them on. Which is just as well. I did keep my Christmas music CDs and "Fleece Navidad" sweatshirt though, so that's about as festive as I get this time of year. ;-)

Besides, it's Jesus' birthday anyway, and I don't need anything that I can't buy myself.


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