Monday, November 09, 2009

Reagan - Tear Down This Wall

Today is the 20th anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall. There was a ceremony in Berlin commemorating the event. Many world leaders attended this celebration of freedom. Conspicuous in his absence is our own dear leader. He says it's a scheduling conflict, but those of us who know him--know his love for socialism and slavery to government--know better.


Patch said...

Ronaldus Maximus, the last, perhaps only great, President of the 20th (or 21st) century/ies. 2009 is also the 25th anniversary of voting in my 1st Presidential election (Ronnie's 2nd term in 1984), and the 5th anniversary year of his death.

Ronnie also broke the "Curse of Tecumseh" (Google it), where every President who was elected in a year ending in zero was assassinated. Hinckley tried to keep the curse alive, but thankfully failed.

RE- Dear Reader: Well what did you expect from a guy that can make all the time in the world for Oprah, but none for his commanding generals in Iraq and A'stan (or the opposition party in Congress)?

Martial Arts Mom said...

And he also makes time for Letterman! And any other time he can get his face or his wife & kids' and dog's face on tv! But seriously, not defending him -because I would NEVER even try to make an excuse for him - he did go to the Fort Hood Memorial Svc. yesterday so as much as I'd love to blast mr. publicity monger, that would be a scheduling conflict.

Becky said...

MAM, I'd agree with that, except for the fact that he'd already said he wouldn't be attending the Berlin Wall event long before the FT Hood shootings even took place.

Patti, I remember going and volunteering with Jen for the 1984 campaign. I don't remember if you went with us that time or not.

Patch said...

I may have been with you guys there at the office making phone calls?

Becky said...

You probably were. I seem to remember all three of us going together, but I worked with Jennifer assembling some informational material, so I remember her being there. My memory ain't what it used to be.


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