Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Snow Day For Real

I got up bright and early this morning, and since I didn't have to go to jury duty, I headed on in to work.  As I predicted, half the plant didn't show up.  Normally, we run 6 lines this time of year (with a 7th opening up for peak season).  Shortly after the shift started, they shut down two lines, and sent us over to fill in the empty spaces on the other four lines.

There I was, over on line 7, just a working away, when around 8:30ish, the line 7 group leader came over, got her stuff, and left.  She said the roads were getting bad, and she wasn't staying.  By 9:00, another 20 or 30 people had left and they had to shut down two more lines.

And still, more and more people were leaving.  By 10:00, they threw in the towel, called us all together and said, "Go home, and don't come back until Thursday."  So I got a snow day after all.  Two, in fact.  I guess since it's not supposed to get above freezing until sometime Thursday, they figured the roads wouldn't be clear by tomorrow.  The good news is, they aren't going to give us an absence for today or tomorrow, and we won't lose our holiday pay for Monday.  I did use some vacation time so I'll still get paid. 

Hey, I'm not going to complain.

OK, I'm going to complain just a little bit.  With this extra day and a half off, I'm kinda wishing I'd gone ahead and gone to the store yesterday and bought my paint.  I could get this living room done and all my furniture back into place.  On the other hand, painting works better when it's warmer out, so it's probably better to wait until the weekend, when it's supposed to be back up into the 60s. 

I made it home just fine, thankful all the while that I live so close to the plant, and saw that the birds have discovered the new feeder. 

Yay!  I got out and scattered a bunch more birdseed for them, then scattered more around the other feeder, and said to myself, "Self, might as well lug some more wood up to the house while I'm out here."  That's exactly what I did.

Once back inside, I snuggled down with a nice toasty fire, knitting, and a mug of hot coffee.  I was watching more Stargate SG-1, but my HULU app crashed and for some reason, my Fire Stick opened Pandora.  Seriously, on its own.  It just switched from HULU to Pandora, which was still on my Christmas station.  So, I listened to Christmas music for a while.  I guess with the snow and all, the universe decided I needed to be festive once more. 

Squeaky has rediscovered her cat bed. 

She gets out of it as soon as I walk into the room.  I guess she doesn't want me to know she likes it. 

Ungrateful beast.

BTW, I bought her some Meow Mix single serving cups.  The directions say to feed her 6 - 10 per day.  Is it just me, but if you have to feed her six of them, it isn't single serving, is it? 

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