Monday, January 16, 2017


I have succeeded in getting Cody's room cleaned up.  It is once again his room, doubling as a guest room.  Except that I never have guests.  So, it's mostly just Cody's room.  Except that he never comes home,'s... still his room, and it always will be. 

Over the last few months, however, it had started transforming into a storage room again, and I wasn't about to let it complete that transformation.  So, this afternoon, I put on some music, and got in there and started cleaning.

A big part of that cleaning was combining boxes.  When Cody left to go back for his last semester of college, he left several boxes of his things behind.  Turns out most of those boxes were only half full.  I combined them and was able to toss two empty boxes into the trash.  Everything else I stacked neatly in a corner of the closet.  It looks a whole lot better in there now.

I finally got his new sheets and comforter on his bed.  I still need to get some pillows for that room, but at least he's got sheets now.

Somebody tell me, what is the deal with polyester sheets?  I don't think they would be at all comfortable to sleep on.  If they hadn't come with the set, I wouldn't have bought them.  I don't think Cody will care, though.  He can sleep anywhere.   

The blue and black curtains will eventually be moved out of that room.  The blue one will go into my bedroom, and the black one will be moved into the craft room.  I can't find any curtains the color I want to put into Cody's room, though.  I'm looking for the dark green color of the fish and canoes, but haven't found it yet.  OK, OK, I haven't really looked, but now that Christmas is behind me, I can get back to working on the house. 

While I was cleaning, I found some paintings Beverly and James had given to Cody when they moved out.  I'd forgotten about them.  I'll have to get them down and see what they are, and see if they'll go with the hunting lodge theme I've got going in there. 

I wanted to show you this other thing I found.  It's a box of glass ornaments that someone gave me for Christmas years and years ago.

I have never, ever put them on the tree, because cats, and I'm a bit on the klutzy side, but I absolutely love them.  I especially love this.

It's a sheet showing which space each ornament fits into.  So much better than trying to guess where they go.  And look, even the storage box is gorgeous.

It it wasn't storing glass ornaments, I'd put my treasures into it.  If I had any treasures, that is...

It's the little things that made a house a home.  I finally got my toilet paper holder put up. 

I'd bought it several months ago, but hadn't put it up because I want to redo that bathroom.  I was going to just paint it, but whoever put up that drywall did a really poor job of it.  Same with the texturing, which I don't like anyway.  It's really thick in some spots, and almost nonexistent in others. 

After thinking about it, I'm going to find someone to pull all the drywall off and just replace it completely.  It's going to be a while before I can afford that, so I went ahead and hung the TP roller.  I can put it back up after getting the bathroom done. 

Don't you just love that color? 

That's sarcasm, by the way.  It just boggles my mind they way they decorated that bathroom.  I don't understand why anyone would even do that.  How could they have thought that would look nice?  Well, different people have different tastes, and this room definitely isn't in my taste.

So, I did all that this afternoon while it was raining.  This morning, I got out into the yard and moved four more clumps of spider lily bulbs out of the middle of my yard.  That's the last of the ones in the front yard.  I still have one sizeable clump, but those are the ones I'm going to send to my friend Cyndye. 

My neighbor Mrs. Newman was out working in her yard.  She asked me what I was going to put into my front flower beds this year.  I said I don't know yet.  I usually just walk through the flower section at Wal-mart and pick out stuff I like.  I am going to extend my bed a little more, too. 

But I'll show you all that as it happens. 

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