Sunday, January 15, 2017

Want To Play A Game?

Remember how I told you we used to like to play games?  Well, I got all those games out and moved them to the front closet, and in the process, I thought I'd show you what all I had.  .

There are the old classics, like Life, Clue, and Othello.

Scrabble, Connect Four, and dominoes.

Truthfully, I never liked Scrabble that much.  I only bought the game because I'd read that they were going to stop making them with real wood tiles.   Not sure if they did or not, but I bought one because of it.   I also didn't really like traditional dominoes, but we played Chickenfoot all the time. 

I'm not quite sure why I have three varieties of Monopoly, since I absolutely hate that game, but there they are.

Then there are these Lord Of The Rings games,

And this one.  It's one of those card games.  I never figured out how to play it. 

Same with this card game (on the right).  We did play a modified version of the board game on the left.  Cody really liked that one, and asked to play it often.

I bought these two when I was overseas, but the ex wasn't too much into playing games. 

So, family game night never became a thing with us.

Mancala was one of Cody's favorite games, and Skip-Bo was one of mine. 

The cribbage set was one my dad gave me, and the Roman game in the middle was another one I never figured out how to play.  I ordered it out of a game and puzzle catalog that I used to get every year around Christmas time.  I liked the idea of playing an ancient game. 

Trumpet was also a favorite, as was the Christmas Trivia game, which was designed to be used with a Trivial Pursuit board. 

We didn't have one, the LOTR version coming along much later, so we just answered the questions without keeping score.  Oh, the Star Wars game is another one that never got played. 

But this, this game is the piece de resistance of my game collection.  The very rare and hard to find Dragonriders of Pern board game.

OK, maybe not so rare, since I checked Ebay and found three of them on there, and two on Amazon.  I got mine off Ebay many winters ago.  It's another one I've never played.  I haven't even punched out the game pieces. 

I've also got at least one of my Dad's chess sets around here somewhere.  If I find it, I'll be sure to show it to you. 

Everything is all video games now, but I think there's a lot to be said for good, old fashioned board games -- you know, the kind where you actually have to interact with your opponents.  It's something that needs to make a comeback. 

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