Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day One

I have a long weekend this weekend. 

I have long list of things I want to get accomplished on this long weekend that I have this weekend.  Amazingly enough, I've actually gotten a few things done from my long list of things I want to get accomplished on this long weekend that I have this weekend.  I figured I'd spend this long weekend that I have this weekend sitting in front of the TV, but no, I've been a real go-getter on this first day of this long weekend that I have this weekend. 

Top of the list, I bought some of that expanding foam sealer and clogged up the openings where the wasps are getting in and out. 

Kinda looks like Jabba the Hutt is crawling up the side of my house...OK, I may have gone a little overboard with the foam, but I wanted to make sure those suckers were plugged.  I'm tired of having to dodge wasps every time I go out my back door. 

Besides, I can trim it flush once it sets well.  I went around and plugged all the holes, gaps, and cracks I could find, around all my windows and doors.  Maybe that'll help keep the giant spiders out of my house, too.  

Also on the list was to work on cutting up that big pile of firewood in my back yard, and maybe start sorting through some of the stuff in my shed.  However, it has been sooooo humid these last few days, that I didn't want to do anything outside.  I wasn't even outside that long, and was drenched -- well, it wasn't hot enough to really sweat, so let's just call it condensation.

How humid has it been?  It was so humid that last night when I went to bed, my sheets were damp.  I kid you not.  It made for a miserable night.  I changed said sheets this morning, and kept my little window air conditioner running all day, just to try to keep the dampness down.

Anyway, since it was too muggy to work outside, I thought I'd start cleaning Cody's room up.  When he was little, we liked to play games.  We stopped, though, because he got so ugly when he lost.  Not just when he lost, when I scored at all.  He wanted it to be a total shutout every time, and would pitch such a fit I didn't want to play with him.  It just wasn't fun any more.  I still have all the games, though.  When I moved into this house, I'd stuck them in the top of his closet.  

I'm thinking of moving them into the top of the coat closet in the living room, and put my Christmas wreaths up into his closet, where the games are now.   I ended up not doing that today, because I went into the craft room to get something, and got distracted.

I don't even remember now what I was looking for, but what I found was an entire bag of sock yarn I'd forgotten I had.  And a partially finished sock. 

I'm going to have to rip it and start over, I think.  I remember that I'd made alterations to the pattern, but I didn't write them down, because I'd remember, right?  Only I don't remember.

I found a Jayne hat.

And an almost finished Jayne hat, for which I already have a pom pom made that I can't currently find.  I just know I'd already made it.

Why I felt I needed so many Jayne hats is beyond me, but there they are.  I've actually knit one more, that I gave to Cody a few years ago.  When I was down there last month, he told me he does wear it.  And out in public, too.  We also discussed the fact that Cody's roommate had never seen Firefly, and how that was going to have to change.  He'd never seen Star Wars either.  Now he has.  Now, he is buying the DVDs of Star Wars. 

And I found a baby hat.

Which is nice, because we're having a baby shower next Friday for my coworker, who -- quite conveniently -- is having a boy.

That's about it for my day, unless you want to hear about the laundry I did, or the dishes I washed, or the dog's toenails I clipped.

Nah, didn't think so. 

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