Friday, September 30, 2016

Pride Goeth

Yeah, I got cocky last night.

I went to bed and fell asleep almost right away.  I woke up around 11:30 to answer nature and thought, "Boy, I'm getting some good sleep tonight!  This is going to be great!"  I went back to sleep, only to wake up again at 1:30.  I answered nature one more time, and went back to bed thinking, "Oh, I'm sleeping so well.  I'm going to be so rested in the morning!"

You know what they say about pride going before a fall.   That's right, I didn't fall asleep again.  For the rest of the night.

I tossed.  I turned.  I got hot.  I got cold.  I momentarily freaked out because I couldn't remember if I'd paid the house note for this month, so I had to get out of bed and check.  The cat asked me what I was doing up in the middle of the night.  I told her, "I had to check and make sure I'd paid the house note, or I'll never get back to sleep for worrying about it."

I went back to bed and tossed some more.  Then turned some more.  I threw the covers off.  I pulled them back on.  I rolled over, then I rolled over again.

I remembered my friend posted on Facebook "Pooped today".  She meant she was really tired, but I totally read it another way.  I started giggling.  I giggled some more.  I calmed down, only to think about her post again.  I started giggling again.  I giggled some more again.  Finally, I stopped giggling.

I rolled over.  I turned.  I tossed...on through the night, until the alarm went off at 3:30.  I considered calling in and staying in bed, but I was too close to another attendance bonus, so I dragged my weary body out of bed and went to work.

Where I made a lot of people happy.  "I'm so happy to see you," said the girl who was supposed to take my place when I thought I was going to be off today.  "You have me smiling," said my supervisor.

*Sniff* It's so nice to be appreciated.

Made it through the work day, then came home to discover that the tree guy had cleaned up my yard, but hadn't hauled off my concrete.  "Huh, I guess he didn't want it after all," I thought.  When he came by to get his check, he told me he'd broke his Bobcat, so he's down until Tuesday when his parts get in.  I started to ask if he was going to come back and get that concrete, but didn't want to be a nag, so I didn't.

After he left, I went to the store, and bought egg nog and peppermint mocha creamer.

Since then, I've just been waiting on bedtime, which I think is finally here.  To echo what my friend said, "Pooped today."

Aaand now I'm giggling again....

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