Wednesday, September 14, 2016


After the somewhat maudlin and somber posts of the last few days, I thought we needed a little pick me up, so I've prepared a somewhat humorous post for you tonight.

Let's start with this one. I found it on Facebook a few days ago, and you need to see it.

WARNING:  Do not have anything in your mouth while watching this.

You also might want to empty your bladder and take all prescribed heart medications.  Ready?  Here you go.

I promise you I haven't laughed so hard since...well, since Cody was about 15.  He was laying on the couch watching TV.  Squeaky was on the floor beside him.  He absently reached down to pet her.  She wasn't expecting it.  She jumped about as high as those cats in the video.  I just wish I'd had a camera on them at the time.

Speaking of Cody, his birthday is coming up, and I'm a bit at a loss as to what to get him this year.  I thought maybe if he had a wish list on Amazon, I could get some ideas.  I went to the site and searched for one.  Now, Cody has a bit of a unique name -- or so I thought.  I found four Cody Angleas on there, and judging by the items in the lists, none of them were him.  At least, they'd better not be.  I finally sent him a text and asked, but I haven't heard back.

Back to our humorous post.  I love Mike Rowe.  I'm sure you know who he is, the guy who used to host Dirty Jobs.  Monday, he shared this on his Facebook page.  It's an email from his mother telling the story of how she lost her purse at Wal-mart.  It's about 10 minutes long, but worth every minute of those ten.

Wasn't that a hoot?  I can see where he gets his sense of humor.

Finally, I had to laugh at my coworker today.  She was telling me how her daughter keeps getting in trouble at school for talking so much.  The only thing I could think was, "Gee, now I wonder where she gets that from?"  Yes, my coworker likes to talk.  In fact, she keeps getting in trouble at work for talking so much.

I guess that apple didn't fall too far from the tree.

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