Monday, October 03, 2016

Part Of Something Good

So, there I was yesterday afternoon, perusing Facebook and semi watching football, when I got a friend request.  It was from someone I didn't know, and we had no mutual friends.  I went to her page, thinking it might be someone I once knew but forgot I once knew, but didn't recognize her.  Still, she posted a lot of similar things to what I post, so I accepted her request.

Almost immediately, I got a PM from her.  She asked me if I knew how to get in touch with another friend, Betsy, because she thought she had Betsy's dog.

Betsy and her family had adopted Rocky about the same time I got Jesse.  The people at the shelter warned them that he was a runner, and they weren't lying.  Rocky has run away several times, and they have to go find him.  He's like the opposite of Jesse.  Rocky is a runner, and Jesse is velcro-- as in Mr. Clingy.

Anyway, this girl, Chelsea, had found him.  She tried to call the phone number on his tags, but for some reason, the call didn't go through.  When Betsy didn't answer the phone, Chelsea looked her up on Facebook and sent her a friend request.  Betsy ignored the request because she didn't recognize the name, and they had no mutual friends.  Next, Chelsea turned to me, because she had seen that I liked most of Betsy's posts.  To make a long story only slightly less long, I passed along Chelsea's contact information, and Betsy's husband went and picked Rocky up.

And that, my friends, is how a Mississippi girl helped a Missouri dog find his way home.

Except I'm still a Texas girl;  I just live in Mississippi...for now.

Back to my regularly scheduled weekend wrapup.

You know you work a lot when you consider a two day weekend as a "long weekend."  What did I do on my long weekend?  Well, for one, I finally got my new comforter out and onto the bed.

I'm not sure why I was thinking the set included a bed skirt, but it doesn't.  I'm going to have to find one, so I can use the space under the bed for storage.  I mean, I already do, but the skirt will help hide the junk.  Not that anyone goes into my bedroom, but still.  I want my junk hidden.  So, I'm getting a bed skirt.

Now that Cody has his own place, I think I'm going to move the curtains from his room into mine.  That was kind of the plan all along.  I'd bought the black ones when I first moved in, just to have something to cover that window up.  The plan here is to move the black panels into the craft/computer/snake room, and move his blue ones into my room.  When I figure out how I want to decorate what will be his room when he's here and a guest room when he's not, then I'll buy new ones to go into there.  You can see the blue curtains at the top of this photo.  I think they'll coordinate with my comforter just fine.

I got my mantle pieces stained.  They are gorgeous.  I wish you could see them in person.  Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to put the polyurethane coat on them.  Then comes the hard part:  getting them back on the wall.  I can do this.  Really, I can do this.

Saturday, I painted that little bit by my bathroom door.  You remember where I had to patch when we changed the door frame out.

Today,  I had to go pay some bills in town, so I ran by True Value and got the paint for my ceiling.  Funny, it was one year ago today that I first painted the bathroom.  I feel like I've been in limbo for so long waiting to get that tree cut down.  I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on house stuff, because I needed to make sure I could pay for the tree removal.  Now that it's done, I can finally get back to working on my house.

In the spirit of creativity, I picked up a whole bunch of paint brochures at the hardware store.  I just might let y'all help me pick out colors.

Won't that be fun?

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