Monday, August 01, 2016

Not Yet

I got to work Saturday, expecting to see my coworker back.  Alas, Friday night, the little boy started running fever again.  I was hoping it was something relatively minor, but she still wasn't back today. I don't know what is going on with the child now.  Basically, don't stop praying for the little guy just yet.

More bad news. Well, bad for me.  They're going to start up a third shift on my line soon.  That means, no more overtime for me.  I'm bummed.  I need that money, too.  Sigh, I guess I'll have to start eating up all that pasta I bought.

When I got home from work Saturday, I looked at my front yard and thought, "You know, I really ought to mow."  Now, I hadn't mowed last week when my air was broken.  I didn't want to get out and get all hot with no way to cool off.  I didn't figure it would hurt to skip a week.

Yeah.  That's how high my grass grew in just two weeks.

I thought about just leaving it, and claiming I was trying to let it go to seed, but nah, I mowed anyway.   I was going to do the part behind the fence, too, but alas, I ran out of gas.  I went to put some more in the mower, and my little gas can was empty.  Heck, that's a good enough excuse for me.

Speaking of gas, I stopped by the gas station on the way home to air up my tires.  I put my 6 quarters in the machine, and looked at the sidewall of the nearest tire to see what the PSI was supposed to be. I aired them all up to the recommended PSI of 35, but they still looked low.  I thought maybe they were supposed to look like that, so I drove on home.  When I was emptying out my pockets, I found I still had my valve stem caps in them.  I went back out to put them back on my tires.  That's when I saw it.  I'd looked at the wrong number.  They are supposed to be aired to 51 PSI.  (That seems high, but it's what the tire says.)  I guess tomorrow, I'll feed more quarters into the machine and get them aired up -- this time to the correct PSI.

I'm seriously considering buying one of those compact air compressors to keep at home.  Eventually, it'll pay for itself, especially as the price of using the gas station air keeps going up.  Anyone else remember when air was free?

A few weeks ago, I saw an ad on Facebook for a place that sells horseshoe nail cross necklaces with military and police type charms on them.  I thought it was really cool, but a little high in price.  I wrestled with myself over buying one for a while, but eventually decided that since a portion of the proceeds is donated to various charities supporting military and law enforcement, I'd bite the bullet and get one.   However, when I started to check out, turns out the guy wanted $15 more for shipping charges.  Fifteen dollars!!  For shipping!!!

Dude!  I got a lawnmower shipped to my house for free!  I wasn't going to pay $15 to ship a little bitty necklace.  Naturally, I did what any independent minded, red-blooded American would do.  I googled a source, ordered the components, and made one myself.

Since the charms came in a package of 12, I bought some earring thingys at Wal-mart and made a matching set of earrings.

Total cost for both: less than what dude wanted for shipping alone.  I think I'll use the money I saved to buy my boys some coffee.

Finally, the little dinosaurnaments are almost done.

I've got two more I've got to do the black stitching, then it'll be down to the backstitching and details.  Maybe -- just maybe -- they'll be done by Christmas after all.    

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