Thursday, August 18, 2016

Things I Find Amusing --Work Edition

In the back of the plant, we have a dock.  This dock is where we put our scrap metal to be recycled, and our scrap cardboard to be recycled, and our trash to be processed and recycled.  As you might guess, we call this the scrap dock.  Ever since the plant was built in 1996, there has been a bright orange garage type door on the scrap dock.  As you might guess, we call this the scrap dock door.

Over the last 20 years, as is the way of things, the scrap dock doors have worn out.  It got to the point that the powers that be have decided it's more economical to just replace the doors than to keep fixing them.  When we walked into the plant Monday morning, we saw that the bright orange doors had been replaced with dusky blue doors.  I'm starting to get used to them, but for the first few days, every time I looked up, seeing the doors that are the color of the sky at twilight, I'd think it was night outside.

That reminded me of a time when I was in the Navy.  We stood 12 hour watches -- that is, we worked 12 hour shifts for you non military types -- from 7 to 7.  The building in which I worked, because it had classified stuff and all inside of it, had no windows.  One day, as I was nearing the end of my watch, I gathered up the trash and took it to the dumpster outside. "Huh," I said, looking at the sky.  "That's weird.  It's nearly 7 o'clock.  The sun should be up by now.  I wonder what's going on."

That's when it hit me.  It was 7 PM.  Yeah...moving right along...

One day last week, I stayed late to help fix some parts.  A guy from second shift walked up to where a few of us were standing and said, "Hello, My Lady."  I'm not sure to whom he was speaking, because there were several women nearby.  I thought that was a bit unusual for someone in America, particularly in Mississippi.  But what is really weird is that the very next day, a different guy -- this one from my shift-- greeted me in exactly the same way:  "Hello, My Lady."  Two different men in Mississippi saying the same thing.  I wonder if it's a thing.  You know I don't keep up with what is or is not a thing.

I found this box at work a few weeks ago.

I wonder which communist country these parts defected from.

Lookit!  The panels are pipping!

How long until the baby panels hatch?  (Country folks will get it.  A few of you well read city folks will, too.)

I guess someone got tired of those hair extensions.

And that fingernail

I love it when the drips from brazing rod makes shapes.  Once I found a blob that looked just like Mickey Mouse.

Strange place to find a coffee pot.  Hint:  This is not the break room.

And also redundant:

It's not always weird, though.  Sometimes I see the sun rise.  Not when I go in at 5, but sometimes.

And other times, I walk in to find a lovely note from my second shift counterpart.

Things like that make it all worthwhile.

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