Monday, August 08, 2016

Ooo Da Lolly

Golly what a day.

I get to work and discover that second shift has left me over 100 headers.  I'm thinking I've got it made today, yeah!  Alas, sometime between when they left Saturday night and I got there this morning, someone decided to move a bunch of orders around.  Sigh...

All those headers that were sitting there ready and waiting weren't what the line needed.  I'm scrambling around trying to get the right orders ready before the line got there -- only the parts I needed weren't even ready.  It was frustrating, but I persevere, and get the work ready, just in time for the line to come in.

Turns out, I needn't have rushed.  Somehow, water had gotten into the air compressor, so there wasn't any high pressure air.  Not only that, water was in the air lines, and was spraying out of the connectors and things.  I won't go into all the gory details, but what it means is that the assembly line couldn't run.  It took nearly two hours to get that fixed.  We ran for about 45 minutes, and another machine at the end of the line broke down.  That took nearly an hour to get fixed, and then the power went out.  Not the whole plant.  Just some outlets on our line, but still the line couldn't run.

At this point, I began to wonder if I'd gotten my days mixed up and it was Thor's Day, but no.  It was Monday sure enough.  Eventually, we got the line up and running, and make it through the day, even though we didn't do but maybe 25% of what we would normally run in a work day.

How about a bit of good news?  You remember I said I needed new printer cartridges?  I found a color cartridge in the computer room, still sealed up and everything.  That means I can start taking cartoons to work again.  I know my coworkers will enjoy that.

In knitting news, I finished this hat this afternoon.

I still can't find my size 7 DPNs, so for the decreases, I switched to size 8.  You really can't tell the difference, though.  I really need to get that room organized.

Finally, I got one of my dinosaurnaments completely finished over the weekend while watching Olympics.

Only nine more to go.

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