Sunday, May 31, 2015


I made yarn!

I finished spinning my second bobbin this morning, then I put my lazy kate together.

Plying went a whole lot faster than spinning, even though the bobbins seemed to be unrolling really fast, causing my plies to kink up a bit.  I had to stop and untangle them from time to time, but I persevered and made yarn!  

 Once I got it all plied up and washed, it didn't look too bad, for the first time. 

 I'm not going to use this yarn.  I'm going to label it and put it aside with my first spindled yarn.  I wish I'd labeled my first spindled yarn with the date, but I didn't.  I glanced back through the blog, but I'd started spinning before I started blogging, so that was no help. 

I did find out that I'd named this colorway Fuzzy Lettuce.  Since the spinning bug was still biting, I finished the second spindle of this roving. 

I'm debating on plying it on the wheel or just doing it on a spindle.  The important thing is, two of my three spindling WIPs are done -- except for the plying, that is.  But that's the easy part.

The hard part is done. 

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