Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesdays Are For Knitting

But first, Cody seems to be settling well into his new job.  Today was his first real day of work.  Real work, not training.  I almost had to laugh at him.  Monday he asked me, "When does it get hot?"  Today, he told me he felt like he was going to have a heat stroke.  I was so tempted to say, "I informed you thusly," but I didn't. 

Everyone seems very impressed with him.  All the ladies think he is so cute.  Group Leader Fernando said, "You never told me your son was so big.  I'm going to have to stop picking on you, or that boy might whip your group leader's booty."    Only he didn't say booty.  He said something else, but as this is a G rated blog, I did some light editing. 

I am starting to see my son with new eyes.  He's not my little boy any more.  He's a man, now, and a good one.  I can't wait until Supervisor Ronnie gets back from vacation to meet him. 

On to the knitting...

Some bad news:  I messed up on my lace shawl, and I'm just too tired to worry about it right now.  I'm only going to have to tink back a row or two (and a lifeline is firmly in place this time), but I just don't feel like fooling with it.  Thus, another charity hat.

I keep saying I'm going to warp the loom again, but the mojo has fled.  Well, Beverly gave me this huge honking roll of yarn that just might summon the weaving mojo back home.

There wasn't a label with it, so I have no idea what brand it is.  It's a light fingering weight with a gold thread woven throughout.  Look how much is on the tube: 

That is a lot of yarn.  I should be able to get a lot of scarves out of that. 

I'm thinking a hat, scarf, and gloves set.  Hmmm....

I'm off to peruse patterns.  Laters.

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