Thursday, May 14, 2015

Proud Mama

Cody is making quite the impression at work.  He's been in the floater pool, which means he goes wherever they're short handed and fills in.  Today they put him on one of the air handler lines assembling cabinets.  The group leader over there told him she was going to request to have him put there permanently.  That makes me one proud mama.

My friend Vanessa said, "I'm as proud of Cody as if he were my own son." 

I always knew he would be OK.  When he was 11, he started asking me for a cell phone.  I told him no, because I wanted to give him one for his 13th birthday.  Rite of passage.  Growing up kind of thing.  Well, that little stinker saved up his own money, did extra chores, and just after he turned 12, he brought me $150.  "This ought to be enough for a phone and some minutes," he said.  After that, how could I tell him no? 

Lots of things are going on in my bed.  My flower bed, that is. 

Nothing at all is going on in my other bed.  Even sleep is coming difficult. 

Stress, maybe.   I do have a lot going on right now. 

I can't wait for these guys to start blooming. 

Nothing relieves stress like being surrounded by nature's beauty.

 And the knowledge that nature's God has me in his hands, and nothing can snatch me out of them. 

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