Thursday, May 07, 2015


I've been thinking about buying a juicer.  I want to drink fewer cokes -- and by "coke" I mean the Texas definition, as in "Wanna coke?"  "Yeah" "What kind?"  "Dr Pepper"

I will occasionally drink a Coca~Cola, but my drink of choice is Dr Pepper, or Sprite. Every so often, I tell myself that I'm going to cut back, and drink more water or tea, but I never do.  I like V-8, but have to add brown sugar to it.  If I don't, I get the most painful heartburn.

I'm thinking, if I buy my own juicer, then I can come up with a tasty blend of vegetables that won't make me feel like I've swallowed a hornet's nest.  I know there are lots of recipes available online, but I'll probably end up just winging it.   Like I usually do.

I've looked on Amazon and Wal-mart websites, just to kind of get an idea of what is out there.  I'll look at some tomorrow when I go do my grocery shopping after work.  I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of work, today we had our typical Thor's Day mayhem.  It's become a thing, you know.

This time, it was bad.  It was really bad.  So many machines had broken down we almost couldn't run.  But we persevered and made it through.  The good news is, Cody has gotten on as a temp for the summer.  He starts work Monday. 

He'll make pretty good money out there for a summer job. 

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