Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Busy Times

Yes, it's been very busy at work lately, and it's starting to show. 

Group Leader Fernando brought me a header, and told me to hang on to it.  A few hours later, someone from tubing brought me two more of the same header, and the adapter tubes that go with them.  I asked Group Leader Fernando how many of those header assemblies he needed. 

He said, "Just one.  She should have brought you two, but I only need one."

"What about the other header you brought me?" I asked.

"I didn't bring you a header," he said.

I showed him the header, and he said, "I brought you that?" 

"Yes," I said.  "Right before lunch, you brought me that header and said not to lose it or there would be consequences and I said, 'oh, I'm shaking,' and you said, 'you should be.'" 

Group Leader Fernando said, "I thought that was yesterday." 

Nope, that was this morning, right before lunch.  

So, yeah, weariness is setting in, already.  The bad news is, peak season has just started.  It'll be this way until August -- at least.  

In spite of it all, there has been some knitting going on.

I've gotten a few more rows done on the shawl, but I mostly knit on it over the weekends.  By the time I get home from work, I just don't have the mental facilities to concentrate on complicated lace. 

My poor loom also sits neglected.  I haven't warped it since December.  I just haven't had the weaving mojo lately.  I want to weave.  I just don't want to warp. 

My mind may be warped, but the loom isn't... 


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