Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Wonderful Surprise

I was sitting in my chair, watching Emergency reruns on Netflix, when I heard the heavy rumble of the Brown Truck Of Happiness pull into my driveway. 

"Wow," I thought.  "The work boots I ordered are here already!" 

I stepped outside to wait for my box, only the box he pulled out of the truck was way too big to be work boots.   It was enormous. 

"What the heck is that?" I asked.

"This is you, isn't it?" the driver said, reading my address. 

"Yes, it's me.  But I didn't order anything that big.  Somebody sent me a present." 

I wrestled the gigantic box into the house, and read the shipping label to try to see from where it had come.

The return address was a UPS store, so that didn't help.  Well, there was nothing else to do but to open it.

It was full of bubble wrap and packing peanuts, but the first thing I spied were these two wooden spindles.  

Then I pulled out this funny looking thing here.  

Delving deeper, I found the note:

Here's a close up, so you can see what it says.

 After much digging through styrofoam and cutting tape around bubble wrapped parcels, I got all the parts laid out on my couch. 

 Somewhere in the deep recesses of the box, I found the instruction manual.  Somehow, Santa's elves knew the exact model of wheel I've been wanting. 

In no time at all, I had it put together and was treadling away -- still watching Emergency.  

And look, there is even a little bundle of fiber for me to spin!  

Now, I just have to figure out how to spin on it.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Right now, I'm finding myself a bit at a loss for words.  This is an amazing gift, and I can't think of any reason why I should deserve such generosity.  OK, I know that this wheel had a loving home before it came to me, but that doesn't diminish the gift in any way.  This is an expensive item, and someone out there thought enough of me that when the wheel was ready for a new home, she passed it along to me.  That's the important part.  

I have wanted one of these for so long, and thanks to someone's generosity, now I have it. 

I have some incredibly generous friends!!

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