Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Once Again

Last week, I mentioned that I'd bought some mini pie pans to make home made pot pies.  I'd intended to start making them the day after I got the pans, but one thing led to another and there was stuff and shenanigans. 

Beautiful word, shenanigans. 

Be that as it may, I didn't get around to starting on them until today.  Proving once again that I can't seem to do anything halfway, I made enough filling to feed an army.

I didn't use a recipe.  I just winged it.  I put carrots, onions, celery, potatoes, and of course, chicken in there.  I'd intended to put green peas in instead of the celery, but I forgot to buy some.  Being that I had celery on hand, and didn't want to go back to the store, that is what got used.  The good news is, if I get tired of doing pies, I can just add some more broth and make soup. 

Not that I don't already have enough soup in my freezer to feed an army...Hey, it's hard to cook for just one.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Anybody want a pot pie?  Or some soup?  Or pulled pork?  Yeah, I made one of those on Saturday.  I won't be going hungry for a while, that's for sure.  I reckon if I keep on cooking, I'm going to have to break down and find me a feller to cook for. 

By the time I got done with that, it was too late to actually make pies out of it, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. 

Yesterday we had a cookout at Beverly and James' house.  While we were eating, I found this little fellow on their feeder.

The pictures turned out pretty good considering I took them with my phone.  So intent was I on taking the pictures that I didn't even notice that I'd run Cody out of his chair.  Ah, well, he didn't complain.  He knows how his mama gets when she has a camera in her hand.  Even if it is on a phone. 

Speaking of hummingbirds, my little hummingbird vines are really coming on.

They're actually bigger than this now, but it's raining outside, so you get a three day old picture of them.  My lantanas are really starting to bloom now, too.

And look, I'm going to have a yellow one!

My Gerbera daisies  aren't doing so well, though.  You'd think a plant originating in Africa would be more heat tolerant, but these don't seem to be.  By the time I get home from work, they're drooping and wilted looking.  They perk back up after the sun goes down, and look good in the mornings.

My plain ones are hanging in there, but the fancy ones are dying.  The one at the top right is dead already, and the one on the bottom right is on its way.  I'm not sure I'm going to plant these again next year.  We'll have to see how these make it through the summer.

My celosias are struggling, too.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Maybe it's just too hot for them.   Well, that's the beauty of annuals.  I don't feel too badly about killing them, since they only live for a year anyway. 

Maybe this good rain we're getting tonight will give them a boost.

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