Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Stuff

In lieu of our weekly chat, which will take place tomorrow, I've got a few random photos for you today.

Here are my petunias, starting to bloom.

I think the red and  purple are going to look pretty good together, once it gets all big and bloomy and stuff.

 And look at this. 

My little hummingbird vines are coming up already.  I thought that was really fast, since I only planted them on Friday.  My lantanas are finally started to bloom, as well. 

It looks like I might end up with three lavendar ones and three like this-- yellow and red.

In other news, after finishing the Socks From The 'Ot Place, I needed something a bit more mindless, So I cast on another hat. 

The yarn is King Cole Splash.  I bought it when I went to visit Christi in Columbus.  I'd actually lost the yarn for a while, but I found it again-- right where I'd left it.  Fancy that.

Needless to say, this hat probably won't be donated to soldiers.  But then, you never know...

Finally, my new grapefruit spoons are da bomb. 

I can see a lot more grapefruit eating in my future. 

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