Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Happy Place

You know, I'm not up on fashions.  I don't know what's in style and what isn't.  (Truth is, it doesn't matter much, since I think most of today's styles are just plain ugly.)  So, I'm not stylish.  I consider it a personal victory if I make it out of the house with shoes on.

Yesterday, I sank to a new low.  I was going to take a trip to my happy place, and I had to go back and get a shirt on.  Yeah, that would have caused quite the stir at the Memphis Zoo.

OK, OK, so I didn't actually make it out of my bedroom before realizing I was shirtless, but still...I was heading that way. 

I definitely went on the wrong day, as it seemed that every school in the greater Memphis area picked that day to take their class trip.  It wasn't too bad once we got inside, and the crowds around the gate kind of dispersed. 

I do wonder if kids can actually speak without shrieking. 

I didn't take my camera, so I won't be able to inundate you with pictures.  I took a few with my phone, and picked out a few of my favorites to show you.

They had a place where you could pay to ride a camel.  Technically a dromedary, but hey, let's not quibble over labels.  This one was not giving rides because she is pregnant.  They had her tied over near the fence and I got to pet her. 

Look at that fur!  I was wondering how hard it would be to spin it.  Do camels even shed?

It wasn't very soft, so I don't think it would make a nice yarn.  Maybe for rugs or something, though.

This is the same owl I got into a staring contest with the last time I went.  And we got into a staring contest this time, too.  

The owl won.

They had a baby chimp, and he was so cute.  

It's easy to understand why people want to keep them as pets, forgetting that when they grow up, they are very powerful and dangerous wild animals.

I took pictures of the otters just for Cyndye.  

 And the Nemo fish.  Whatever it's really called.

The main reason I went was to visit Stingray Bay and pet the stingrays. 

Golly I love those guys.  Maybe I can become the Crazy Stingray Lady.  They seemed to like me.  There were a couple of these big things.  They aren't sting rays.  I don't know what they are.  I'll research it and get back to you, but not tonight.

Be that as it may, one of these big things liked being petted right between the eyes.  He would swim up to me and just sit there for a long time, letting me pet him.

A couple of the sting rays seemed to like being petted, too.  As they would swim by, they'd come up and rub against my hand like a cat would. This one came right up to the side of the tank and stayed there as long as I kept petting him.

They had little cups of fish that you could buy and feed them.  There was a boy there, he looked to be about 12 or so.  He had bought some fish, but his teacher was yelling at him to come on, so he gave the last piece to me.  I fed the stingray, and it was so cool that I went and bought some more.

Just a note, that isn't his mouth in the front.  Their mouths are on the bottom.  Those are openings where they take in water to run over their gills.  I tell you that because there were two women next to me -- not very bright-- that kept trying to stuff fish into the gill openings.  Then they wondered why the rays wouldn't take it.  Um...try shoving fish up your nose and see how you like it.

There were also some baby sharks in the tank, and I hung around until I got to pet them.  I really wanted to pet the hammerhead shark (I didn't get a picture of him), because that was my grandpa's pet name for me when I was a child.  Hammerhead.  Can't you just feel the love?

I could have stayed in there all day, but I had to get home, as my own dogs would be looking for their dinner.  I got totally soaking wet, but it was so worth it.  I want to go again before they close it down.

Anyone want to join me?

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