Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chats On The Farmhouse Porch

It's Wednesday, and it's raining.  It's supposed to rain for the rest of the week.  I don't need a weather forecast to tell.  My hair predicts the weather quite well, thank you.

Yes, I am still sporting that "just electrocuted" look.

But enough about me, let's get on to our chat.

1.  What is your favorite berry?

I guess I'd have to say strawberries.  I'm not a big berry person, and they're the only berry I like.  

2.  If you had the choice of a picnic or a sit down dinner, which would you choose?

A picnic, of course.  Someone who forgets to put shoes on when she leaves the house can't really appreciate dressing up and sitting down to dinner.

3.   How is your handwriting? Fancy, plain, legible, doctor-like?

It's plain but legible.   It used to be really messy, but about halfway through 9th grade, I decided I was going to work on making it better.  Once I got out of high school, I pretty much stopped writing cursive and went almost exclusively to printing.  It's easier for me to print legibly, especially if I'm in a hurry.  Here is an example of my handwriting.

4.   Do you prefer a desk top computer, laptop, or tablet? 

I prefer my desktop, but it's dead in the water.  I can't afford to get another one right now.  I've got Cody's old desktop to tide me over, but it's so slow and glitchy that I can hardly stand to use it, so I'm sticking with the laptop.  For now. 

5.  Tell me something interesting, please. 

Something I find interesting:  I've been told recently by more than one man that this is 2014 and women don't get up an cook breakfast for their men any more.  I couldn't believe this.  If I had a good man who worked hard taking care of me, I sure wouldn't send him off to work with nothing but a stale donut from the gas station, or even worse, and empty stomach.  Even if it's just toast to go with a bowl of cereal, I'm going to fix him something.  But I guess I'm just an anachronism.  

Thank you for joining me for the chat.  Now my curiosity is peaked, and I've got to go look up that story I was writing about Bob Hayes.  


Denise said...

Enjoyed your answers.

Debbie Huffaker said...

Your handwriting is very neat! I'm very blessed that my man doesn't want breakfast at 5:00 in the morning! :) HOPE you have a great weekend!


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