Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Toys

Bowties are cool.

Now that we've gotten that important tidbit out of the way, let's get to today's post. 

A few days ago, I wanted to figure out a way to turn my favorite breakfast casserole into finger food.  I thought I'd make the filling, then roll it up in the crescent rolls and slice it into rounds, a la cinnamon rolls.  I didn't have any crescent rolls, so I made some pie crust dough from scratch and tried to use that.

It didn't work out so well.  I mean, it tasted really good, but the crust was too flaky to make it finger food.  They just crumbled apart when I tried to eat them.  I had to use a fork.  But some good did come out of it. I got the bright idea that I could get some mini pie pans and make my own pot pies. 

Yes, that is a perfectly sound leap of logic. 

Well, it makes total sense to me.

Anywho, after searching all over town -- that is, Wal-Mart-- and not being able to find mini pie pans, I had to order some from Amazon. 

Here's one in my hand, to give you a better perspective of their size.

I can't wait to try them out.  Tomorrow. 

And my quest to find a replacement for my Estroven begins.  I also ordered this from Amazon. 

I'm going to try it out for a couple of months and see how it works.  I hope it helps.  It's hot enough down here with out flashing on top of it. 

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