Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'd been getting the urge to knit lace here lately.  What with the frantic need to finish Christmas knitting past--most of which was pretty mindless-- and feeling a bit of ennui with hats and scarves, I needed something a little more stimulating.  A little more challenging. 

I went in search of one of the lace shawls I knew I had OTN already.  The first one I found was my Orkney Pi. 

Yes, that is a plastic snake in the box with my lace knitting.  I've long since given up trying to find a logical explanation for such phenomena. 

Just roll with it...

I got the Orkney Pi out of the box and tried to organize my pattern, but it just wasn't speaking to me. I resumed my search, and found a much more pleasant surprise. 

A fully completed and bound off pair of socks that, frankly, I don't even remember knitting.   That is a pleasant surprise, as many of my older pairs of socks are becoming threadbare and worn.  So, into the sock drawer they went. 

Delving a bit further, I found this:

It's one of the Anniversary Mystery Shawls.  I think '10,  but it doesn't matter.  It spoke to me.  It practically shouted at me.

I'm almost done!  Finish me!!

I'd found it.  That lost little voice that had been calling me. 

Now, if only I could shake this headache long enough to concentrate...

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Kristen said...

Love it. Love the snake, and love the UFO selection.


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