Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chats On The Farmhouse Porch

Yay! Chats are back!  Patrice has been having computer issues, but hopefully they are all worked out now.

Everyday Ruralty


1.  How many seed catalogs have arrived at you home? 

 I think about 4.  I'll have to round them all up and see. 

2.  Will you be learning to do something new this year? 

 No.  I'd like to learn to weave, but a loom is a bit out of my budget right now.  I'd also like to learn to spin on a wheel, but again, a wheel is just a bit out of my budget.

3.  How many pair of boot do you own?(This can include casual, dressy, hiking, farm, riding, snow, or any other kind of boot.) 

Three.  I have a pair of rubber boots, a pair of work boots, and a pair of nicer boots.  

4.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner. There are decorations in the stores. Do you have anything planned for Valentine's Day? 


5.  Please tell me your favorite breeds of dogs. If you don't like dogs, tell me something about a favorite animal. (Please. :) 

My absolute favorite is the Alaskan Malamute.  I'd love to have one some day.  I also like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  I had one once, and a dog who was half Chessie and half Lab.  He was The Best Dog Ever.

You know, the Auntie in that story is the one we just lost.  Tomorrow she will be laid to rest.  I wish I could be there, but I didn't see any way possible.  Sharing this story, though, is a good memory.

Some people have the mistaken idea that we shouldn't mention those we've lost, because it might make someone cry.  I so disagree.

It's good to cry, it's good to grieve, but most of all, it's good to remember


Cath said...

I absolutely agree with you. Talking about those you have lost helps keep their memory alive and also helps with the grieving process.

ColoradoCowGirl said...

I love reading about all the projects you have going! I learned how to spin on a spindle, but I know some people have to learn on a wheel first....Happy spinning :)

Patrice said...

It's good to cry. It's good to grieve. And it is especially good to remember those we've lost. I used to work for a lady who had a wool studio. She had a weaving loom that was bigger than one of our bedrooms. She also had a spinning wheel/ I used to love to go in the studio, but as her cook, I seldom got to. I like watching women spin wool at the local festival.

Suzanne McClendon said...

I think that it is important to speak of those that we have lost. They live in and through us. They can no longer tell their stories. It is our responsibility to share their stories, most especially with those that were either too young to remember them when they passed on, or never had the honor to know them this side of Heaven.

To not speak of them would be a great tragedy...they would be eventually forgotten if we didn't speak of them. We need to remember them.

Have a great weekend!


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