Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

January 1

A new day.  A new year.  A time to reflect and set goals for yourself. 

I know a lot of people say that's silly.  "What's so special about January 1?  Why can't you set goals on any day?" I think these people are ridiculous.  Of course you can review and set goals any day. But the first day of the year is a logical time to do this.  New year, new goals.  So that's when I do it. 

I looked back through the blog, and didn't post my last year's goals, so I don't really know if I met them or not, since I don't remember what they were.  Good goals, huh?

I'm pretty sure they are the same goals I'm going to set for this year-- knit from stash and pay down my debts.  The first one ought to be a lot easier now that Hank has closed her yarn shop.  And I'm still peeved at Knit Picks, so they are a no go, too.  What I really need to do is a yarn inventory, since I don't really even know how much yarn I have.  That ought to be an exciting project for these cold winter days. 

Speaking of winter, the one thing Cody actually requested for Christmas was a new coat.  So, that's what his mama got him.

He looks like he's headed out for an arctic expedition, but he was just trying it on for size.  He didn't actually go outside.

Then he took his coat off and made himself a cup of Tea Earl Gray Hot.

Looks like I raised him right after all. 

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