Thursday, July 11, 2013

Whovian Dreams And Reality

Rose Tyler and The Tenth Doctor were on the moon.  Not our moon, but a moon somewhere.  A cold, lifeless moon. 

An abandoned settlement, completely enclosed, protected from the harsh elements of that solar system.  Dark and empty.  Cold and silent.

Then Rose asked, "Is it getting warm in here?"

"Yes," replied The Doctor.  "It is getting a bit warm." 

A bit of investigating revealed a fault in the climate control system.  A glass tube filled with some sort of blue liquid had become dislodged and damaged.  There were no spares anywhere.  The solution was obvious:  travel back in time to a point before the settlement was abandoned and secure the tube, or find a replacement.

Alas, the TARDIS was disabled, so using her to time travel was not an option.  The only other choice was to trust a Weeping Angel.  It was decided that Rose would let the Angel send her back in time alone, while The Doctor stayed with the TARDIS.

"Can we trust the angel to send me to the right point in time?" Rose asked.

"We have no choice," replied The Doctor.

Rose prepared herself, taking the damaged tube with her so she would know what to get, and allowed the angel to touch her.

Back in time, the moon was green, vibrant, alive.  Lush vegetation, beautiful waterfalls, blue sky.  The settlement bustling with activity.  And who was the first person Rose bumped in to? 

Captain Jack Harkness. 

Rose showed Jack what she needed, and explained to him the danger The Doctor was in.  As they were heading toward the supply room to get a replacement, Rose asked what happened to the moon.  Why did it die?

Jack was just about to explain what went wrong when my stupid alarm went off. 

And we were back to reality...

Anyway, that was yesterday's bad news.

Today's good news is, they finally got that transformer thing at work fixed, so we were able to stay the whole day.  I enjoyed my time off, but the paycheck needs full workdays. 

I know, right?

Now for a little levity:  Group Leader Fernando asked me to go help out somewhere else for a couple of hours.  He said, "Go ahead and start cussing me out, now." 

So I asked him, "Do you want to be cussed out in English, Latin, or Italian?" 

Well, I thought it was funny.  (He chose Italian, by the way.)

Just so this post isn't a total waste of your time, here is a photo of my sock progress.

The colors aren't true, as there is an orangy cast to the photo.  When the sock is finished, I'll be sure to take one in daylight, so the colors show up better.

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