Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chats On The Farmhouse Porch

Well, I spoke too soon.  I thought I'd gotten my old computer fixed when I removed Norton antivirus.  It had worked fine for a week, but now it's doing the same old thing again.

I guess I'm to the point of having to reinstall the OS, the reloading everything from my backup.   Not today, though.  I just don't feel like fooling with it, even though people at work are starting to fuss at me for not bringing in any cartoons lately.  I tell them that they can come fix my computer, then.  Funny how none of them have taken me up on that.   

Now, without further ado, let's get to this week's chat:

Everyday Ruralty


1.  Have you cooked any interesting dishes lately? 

No, not really.  Just the same old standard fare.  I was going to make some pulled pork in the crock pot, but then I looked at all the food I already have in my freezer/pantry, and decided to eat some of that up before I spent money on something else. 

2.  What question would you like to ask Wendell? 

Can you pull a sleigh?  If so, do you wear jingle bells when you do? Can we go dashing through the snow someday?  That's something I've always wanted to do.

3.  Have you had any thoughts of Christmas yet? 

Oh, yes.  I cast on a Christmas present a couple of months ago.  I need to get back to work on it, but I'm in sore need of new socks.  

4.  Do you make jams and jellies? 

No, but my sister does.  I did one time, years ago.  We had a bumper crop of muscadines that year, and I made a bunch of little 8 oz jars of jelly.  I took them back to college to give out as Christmas gifts to my friends.   I'll never forget the look on my friend's face when I said, "Are you going to be here for a few more minutes?  I have a gift for you, and you have to like it because I made it myself, except my uncle drove the tractor." 

The rest of the story is, these vines were so old and so huge that my uncle would load us all up into the front end loader of his tractor and lift us up so we could reach the muscadines. 

5.  Do you have any board games that you enjoy? 

I've always liked Clue, Life, and Sorry.  I do NOT like Monopoly.  It's too slow and takes too long.  I always got bored with it long before the game was over.  Non board games that I enjoy are Othello, Mancala, and Chicken Foot.  Hmmm, I might need to go make me a friend or two.  I haven't played any games in so long. 

I hope you've enjoyed this week's chat.  Now, if you will excuse me, I've got to get busy on them socks.  

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