Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Thoughts On A Thursday Evening

So, Group Leader Fernando told me to come to work with a better attitude, but he gave me the strangest look when I went singing and dancing down the aisle.  What?  I was just doing what I was told.

In an effort to eat healthier, I made a salad for supper. 

It was delicious.  Maybe that's why I was in such a good mood.  Bacon and Beethoven make everything better.  You've seen the bacon, now here is the Beethoven.

I can't get enough of this.  Never, enough, ever. 

Good news!  Training camp has started.  Which means July is almost over.  How did that happen?  Today is the 25th, or as my old dad would have said, "Only 5 more months until Christmas."  ACK!  It'll be here before you know it.  I'd better get started with my shopping. 

I have this big, orange thing in my flower bed.

I think it's some sort of zinnia, but it's huge!  I like the color, too.  I hope I get more of these.

I was at Wal-mart, because I'm out of milk, and they have the school supplies out.  Look what I found!

School supplies for introverts!  I love it!

And finally, your quote of the day: 
Say the word, and I've got a lab full of cocaine addicted monkeys with nothing to lose. -- Amy Farah Fowler

1 comment:

Suzanne McClendon said...

I love your salad, bacon salad, with or without the lettuce, is always a winner. :)

The notebook is funny and would be perfect for my son.

Have a great night!


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