Monday, July 22, 2013

Flowers And Stuff

First, the stuff.

I finally got my computer troubles sorted.

OK, now I know I've been watching too much BBC when I've started picking up British idioms.

Be that as it may, I finally got my computer troubles sorted.  No, I didn't get my computer fixed.  I gave up on it when I couldn't even get the OS to reinstall, so I went and got Cody's old HP from his room.  He wasn't using it any more, so there's no sense in me spending money on a new one when I could get that one.

So, that's that.

I decided not to use that old Money Map banking program any more, for two reasons.  One, I hated it from the beginning.  And two, when I went to the website to see if there was an upgrade, they don't even offer it any more.  Since it was a download, I didn't have a disc.  I went this afternoon, because I had to go to the post office anyway, and picked up Quicken.  All of my friends who use it say it's a really good program, so we'll give it a go.  

Now, a few photos of my flowers:

Zinnias and marigolds:

I have a very orange bed this year.  Except for my Lantanas.  They are yellow and pink.

More marigolds.  I probably should have deadheaded before taking the picture, huh?

This is the one I bought at Lowe's last month.  It's very unique.  At least I haven't seen one like this before.

This is a zinnia that seeded from last year.  It's actually outside my bed, but I like it.

Everything is doing well, except my poor Four O'Clocks.

They are being eaten alive.  I spray them down nearly every day, but they are still being munched to death.  I think next year, I'm not even going to fool with them.  I'll just put a whole row of lantanas there where they are.  I may scatter a few Four o'Clock seeds in my wildflower side, but I'm not going to make them a major focus of my beds again.  As hot as it is here, they don't open until nearly 9:00 PM anyway.

I'm usually in bed by then.

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Bag Blog said...

Those Santana made great bouquets for my Barbies back in the day.


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