Tuesday, November 09, 2010

This Time Change

is killing me!

Seems the older I get, the harder it is to adjust. 

However, you will be happy to know that I have not yet killed my little bulby things.

And the buds on the Christmas Cactus are getting bigger.

On the other hand, you might be stunned to know that I did not knit a single stitch for two days. After knitting worsted weight cotton on size 6 needles, my forearms just needed a break. This afternoon, I did pick back up one of the Fun Fur charity scarves and knit a few rows on it, but that's all I've done since finishing the washcloth on Saturday.

I was stunned yesterday to find that Jerry Jones had fired Wade Phillips.  Stunned, because I don't believe Wade was the problem.  He didn't suddenly forget how to coach since winning the division championship (for the second time in three years at that) last season.  He was part of the problem, but the dysfunction in this team ran far deeper than any one man.  But it's always the head coach that gets the axe. 

Of course, all the Madden playing morons are dancing in the street at this news, but they're --well--morons.  Most of them want the Cowboys to pick up Jon Gruden as the new head coach, but then, you have to ask yourself, if Jon Gruden is so good, why isn't he coaching anywhere now?  You'd think if he were so good, he'd already have a head coaching job.  Yeah, he did win a Super Bowl, with the team Tony Dungy built, but he hasn't done squat since.

Another name that is being bandied about is that of Bill Cowher.  Yet, you could ask almost the same question about him.  He retired.  You'd think if he wanted to return to coaching, he'd already be out there.  Lord knows there are some teams that desperately need a good head coach, and not just the Cowboys.  Same goes for Tony Dungy--oh, wait, he couldn't possibly be a good head coach because he doesn't get in player's faces and scream at them during the games.  Isn't that what makes a good head coach?  Pitching fits on the sidelines?  Isn't that right, all you Madden playing morons?  That's what you said about Wade.  That he wasn't a good head coach because he didn't publicly demean and humiliate grown men.  Come to think of it, Tom Landry didn't either, so he must not have been as good a coach as we remember him to be. 

In the meantime, it'll be Jason Garrett piloting the ship, but don't expect any miraculous turnaround.  It wasn't like his offense was exactly lighting anybody up either.  He couldn't fix the running game, so how is he going to fix the entire team? 

I suspect that in a few weeks, or months, we'll all be looking back and remembering the "good ol' days" under Wade, when the team won two division championships and their first playoff game in over a decade. 

And that's something even the all hallowed Bill Parcells couldn't do.



Dale said...

Well, I must be one of those Madden playing morons because I was one that thought Wade Phillips needed to go. The real fix in Dallas lies truly with the owner, if we could just get rid of him things might get better. Dungy would be a great head coach but wouldn't fit with Jerry's morals. Cowher would be good but wouldn't put up with Jerry's crap and the same goes for Gruden. So that leads us to two options Barry Switzer or Jerry himself. We are in trouble and unless Jerry is willing to back off a little who would want the job? I hate going through rebuilding years. I want my 90's Cowboys back! Hey, ya think Jimmy would come back?

Becky said...

Hmmm, I'm wondering, Dale, when WADE led the Cowboys to a 13-3 season in 2007, were you wanting him to be fired then? And when they won the division championship that year, did you think he had to go then? And again in 2009, when they won their second division championship under --who was it, oh yeah, WADE, were you hollering that he is a terrible coach and needs to go then? And when they won their first playoff game in over a decade, were you saying he needs to be fired then?

I'm also wondering who was it that built that dynasty in the 90's? Oh yeah, that was JERRY JONES. I wonder, were you demanding he step down then? Or did he somehow forget how to manage a team since then, the way Wade somehow forgot how to coach since last season?

Why would anyone want Jimmy Johnson back? He wasn't the be-all and end-all that people seem to remember him as. What did he do in Miami after he left the Cowboys? Nothing. What did he do when he no longer had a team with three Hall of Famers on it (and about 5 more that should be, but probably won't ever make it)? Nothing. And Barry Switzer? Please. He had his chance, and it didn't take him but two years to tear down the team Jerry had built when he first bought the Cowboys. They couldn't win under Barry even WITH all those future hall of famers.

As far as Jerry, I don't know why people think he's so incompetent as a GM. I guess because they don't win the Super Bowl every year, that must mean he doesn't know what he's doing. I wonder if they were saying this stuff up in Pittsburgh when the Steelers went 25 years between Lombardi #4 and Lombardi #5.

But don't just take my word for it. Here, read this: http://dallascowboystimes.com/2010/11/should-jerry-jones-remain-g-m-of-the-dallas-cowboys/


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