Monday, November 22, 2010


you have to lose a few to appreciate the wins.  It's true.  Three and seven never felt so good! 

I love being 3-7!!! 

And I love this man. 

This is Thanksgiving week, and every day I will be posting something that I am thankful for.  Today, I am thankful that Godly men still live in this world.  You sometimes have to look hard for them

but they are there. 

In all walks of life.  Giving us someone to look up to.  Something to strive for.  An example to emulate. 

The reflection of Christ on Earth.

The ones who say, "Whatever happens, I'm standing on the Rock.*"

And I love every one of them.

*Colt McCoy


Dale said...

Amen Becky!! I love being 3-7 too! And I love seeing men and women who are admired, especially in professional sports who are good positive role models. Please go to and look up the article oh Josh Hamilton's comments regarding his selection as the AL MVP. He give all of the glory to God!

Becky said...

Thanks Dale. And thanks for the link, too. You might be interested in this post I wrote about Colt McCoy a few months ago.

Along those same lines, I was proud to hear Tony Romo speaking of God's will in the press conference the night he broke his collar bone.

Becky said...

Oh, and be sure to read this one, too.


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