Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Walter Lee Gunstream, Sr

This is my grandfather --my father's father-- in his Army uniform, circa World War I. I'd wanted to find this photo to post in my Veteran's Day post, but didn't find it in time.  So, I'm posting it here.  I've also retroposted it.  As soon as I find the photo of my dad in his Army uniform, I'll post it as well.

Just a couple more things.  I'm going to turn the comment moderation back off, since the Chinese spam seems to have trickled off a bit.  But if I start getting a bunch of spam again, it's going to be turned back on.

And once again, I've completely forgotten about my bloggiversary.  It was Monday, and it marked 5 years in my blogging adventure.  I've also made a commitment to myself to spend more time nurturing the blog, but so far, I've fallen a bit flat. 

I've got lots of stuff I'd like to talk about here lately, but it's not really stuff I can publicly share.  It involves work stuff.  The short of it is, I got moved to a new work area.  I'm still doing the same job, just in a different place.  Rod is not happy.  He didn't want them to move me, and frankly, I didn't really want to move, but what could I do?  What could Rod do?  I heard he pitched a wall-eyed hissy fit in the plant last Friday when they said they were going to move me, but in the end, we are just peons.  When the bossmen make a decision, we just gotta suck it up and do what they say.

Greg is OK, but I really miss Rod.

A lot. 


Crying 1


Kristen said...

:( no fun not being around the co-workers you like to be around...

Becky said...

I know. I had Rod all good and broke in. Now I've got to start all over. Besides, I liked Rod.


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