Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I am wayyy behind in my blogging.  I know you are thinking "huh?", because I've blogged every day.  Yeah, but not what I'd wanted to.  Things just kept happening to throw my posting off.  Like the Texas Rangers winning Saturday.  That threw my Saturday post to Monday.

But I wrote something else I wanted to post Monday, which postponed Monday post #1 to Tuesday.  Then, the accident at work happened, and that pushed my Monday post #2 to Tuesday and made me forget all about Monday post #1.

Then Tuesday came, and I got so caught up watching the election returns, and I ended up not posting anything except a post telling you I wasn't posting anything.  So this post will be a bit of a catch up hodge podge of information.

First off, my coworker is still in critical condition.  He's already had one surgery, and they say he'll need a couple more.  It looks pretty bad.  I was thinking about Bobby, though.  What was he feeling?  What was he thinking?  I mean, he heard all the yelling, and panicked pages, and saw people running.   I can't even imagine what he must have felt when he saw that it was his son lying there.  And yet, he was the one comforting Tameka.  "He'll be alright," Bobby said.  "The best thing to do is just put your head down and pray."

Somewhere in all the hullabaloo, I cast on another hat.   I don't even remember when I did it, but I took a photo to post.  I just never posted it.

I do know when I finished it, though. Last night, and here is the final product.

Yes, that color is pretty accurate. But it seems adequate for what I'm going to do with it. Shhhh, that's a surprise. Well, I need to find a co-conspirator, but I hope to have a surprise ready soon.

I got a few decent photos of the company picnic Saturday to share with you. This is what I was going to post Saturday night, then got caught up watching the Texas Rangers play. Then I was going to post it Monday, but I wrote another post, then the accident happened...

The bad thing is, they had scattered disposable cameras around with notes on them telling whoever to take photos with those. I took more photos with them than I did with my own camera. But I'll give you what I've got...

Greg doing a little batting practice.  One kid said, "He's been batting a long time."  And I replied, "He's the boss.  He can bat as long as he wants to."

Here he is again, judging the bake off.

Sometimes it's good to be boss. BTW, he sat right across the table from me while we were eating. He saw my LSU hoodie that I was wearing and mentioned that he had gone to Oklahoma State, where Les Miles coached before he came to LSU. I asked if they called him The Mad Hatter back then. Greg said no. I guess that one came after the game against Florida in 2007. You know, the one where he went for it on 4th down 5 times and made every one. They ended up winning that game on a last minute touchdown run by Jacob Hester, who I once promised to name my next child after.

OK, moving right along...

This is Mac, our safety guy taking his batting practice. 

They ended up playing a regular game, but I don't think either Greg or Mac played. I didn't watch the whole thing. I walked over to the health fair, and saw the inflatable kids toys. Kids are always great to take pictures of. This little girl on the right

saw me with the camera, so as soon as she got to the bottom of the slide, she popped right up and said, "Cheese!"

Isn't she just the cutest thing?  She's the grandbaby of our stockroom lady.  I need to print this picture out and take it to her.  Well, then she wanted to take a picture, so I gave her the camera.  This is what she came up with.

She was determined to get me to go into the bouncy castle. I kept telling her I was too big, but she was persistent. Maybe if it had been a full sized bouncy castle, but it was a small one, and crowded already.

There were other contests and games, but I only got this one, rather poor photo of the costume contest.  

I tried to get better ones, but there was this one lady who wouldn't move out from in front of the kids. She's even in this photo, but I cropped her out. Of course, about 5 of those kids are her grandkids. Nope, 4 are.  The 5th one had wandered off by this time.

My little bulbs I bought last week have started growing roots, so much so that they've pushed the bulbs right out of the soil.

I guess I'm going to have to fix that this weekend. Or tomorrow. Or whenever.

And look! My Christmas cactus is budding!

After so many years of not doing anything, two years in a row I'm going to have blooms. I keep it outside during the summer, and one of the storms broke a piece off. Well, I put that piece into some water and rooted it. Now it's in its own pot, and even that one has buds.

And I've got Christmas music playing in the background.

That's about it. I stayed up way too late last night watching election returns, so I'm about to hit the hay. I hope to get caught up on relevant topics, and not just posting to be posting something, soon. 

Really, I am. 

This time I mean it.

Or not...



Sus said...

Ooh, a surprise? I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

Your coworker's grandbaby is a cutie patootie! It looks like everyone (especially the kiddos!) had a good time at the picnic. Jealous that you are still experiencing "picnic" weather down there. :)

Yay for plants that grow regardless of what we do to them! ;) I may have to try it again soon.

Becky said...

Well, it's not really that big of a surprise. I'm putting together a care package for a military person serving overseas. The co-conspirator part comes in in that I don't really know anyone serving overseas, so I've got to somehow come up with someone to send it to. I know there are organizations, but most of them just want you to send them money, and they put together standardized cookie-cutter care packages. I want to send my own.

Sus said...

No, that's a really nice surprise. When I had friends serving overseas, I liked being able to send personalized care packages to individuals -- and then giving them my blessing distribute, share, or trade (or not!) as they would like. Now, everyone I know is back home safe (Thank God!) and I don't know anyone personally that is over there. I can keep my ears open, though.

Kristen said...

I used to send to Dan when he was on his second tour in Iraq. And then one time the whole company pitched in, and even sent toys so he could give them to the Iraqi children. That was his idea. It's really touching when you know the person it is going to, but also very rewarding when you don't know them.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. Someone included Animal cookies (maybe me), and he said they almost killed for that. The soldiers, that is.

Becky said...

This will be the first one I've sent personally. I have participated in sending care packages through the church, and work, and such. I've never done one myself. I was hoping to have it off in time for Christmas, but I don't think that is going to happen.

I think I'm going to order some small toys in bulk from Oriental Trading Company to include, and that will take a few days. Plus, I have a few more things I want to buy to put in there.

My cousin's husband just got back, I think he was in Kuwait, or I could have gotten a name from him. I kind of want to find that one guy who never seems to get any mail. Anyway, when I get it ready to send, then I'll poke around and see what I can come up with.

Kristen said...

Dan might know someone, if you don't get any other leads.

I used to ship in one of those flat rate boxes, and I addressed it to a FPO or whatever they are called. It was a LOT easier and cheaper than sending to an Iraqi address. I think it was about $20 once I put insurance on it. And the tracking thing never worked. I relied on Dan to email me when he got the package.

Patch said...

Christmas music...ALREADY?! ;) I love it too, but geez it ain't even Thanksgiving yet!

I wouldn't mind adopting a soldier (or sailor or airman or marine) who doesn't already have a parent
/spouse/friend/whomever to send them things. Wonder if it's too late for that now? I mean the war's/deployment's been going on a long time and all...

Becky said...

I listen to Christmas music all year round. More so at Christmas time, but still...

It's never too late to adopt a soldier. There are plenty of them stationed overseas during peacetimes as well. Check into Soldier's Angels. That's the one I thought about, but I've gotten so terrible at letter writing.


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