Saturday, November 06, 2010


well, just stuff. Not much thought in this post. I sure wish this dog of mine understood the concept of sleeping in!  So all you're getting today is a few photos with brief captions.

OK, and awayyyy we go...

1.  Washcloth, knit in Peaches and Creme worsted weight cotton, in the color Yorktown. 

Knitting it on the smaller needles made a nice, thick, squishy cloth, but it sure was hard on my forearms.

2.  Cherry cordial kisses.  Nuff said.

3.  I got my little bulbs repotted.  They'll be fine from  here on out.

4.  This sure was a nice treat this morning.

5.  Because I woke up to this:

The first frost of the year.  I'm so glad it happened on a day that I didn't have to go anywhere!

6.  Saturday Sky, with one of the few trees that has lost all its leaves already.

7.  Walnuts, good for your heart.  Good for your HDL levels.  Just good.

Speaking of good, you can't deny the LSU Tigers that moniker any more.  They knocked off the defending national champion Alabama 24-21, ending any hope of a repeat title. 

Say what you want about Les Miles.  Say what you want about Jordan Jefferson, or Jarrett Lee, but they are 8-1. 

And you can't argue with that.


Sus said...

Good stuff, all! I like your patriotic cloth. I read about once, and have been meaning to try, making those cloths with #10 cotton on size 2 needles. I think that would make an interesting, and maybe scrubbier, dishcloth.

Mmmmm, cocoa. I don't have any peppermint (dang!), but I'm suddenly waaaay in the mood for some Swiss Miss...

Becky said...

I love peppermint cocoa. Before they started carrying this brand, I used to dissolve peppermint sticks into regular cocoa. Bob's Sweet Stripes works best, because it's soft.


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