Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kids Say...

We have a new blogger in the family. Welcome to my cousin Ashlee, who has finally jumped into the blogging world.

Ashlee is my first cousin Tommy Gene's youngest child.  (I'm told that as he got older, he preferred to be called Tom, but to the family, he was always Tommy Gene.)   He was the one who added the term "monstrosity" to the family lexicon.  Anyway, they lived quite a ways away from us, and I didn't really see much of Ashlee when she was growing up.  However, there was one time...

She was three, and we were visiting my Aunt Bonnie, who is Ashlee's grandmother.  She didn't have enough room for all of us, so I went to stay with Tommy Gene and his wife Linda.  Ashlee proudly told me that I would like staying with them because their water was blue. She was talking about the Tid-e-bowl.

The next morning, were back at Aunt Bonnie's, getting ready to head for home.  Just up the street from her house was a cow pasture.

MARDEN, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 08:  Herefordshire cattle graze amongst the apple trees in the orchards of Ashgrove Farm in the village of Marden on 8 August 2007in Herefordshire, England.The farm produces cider in the time-honoured Herefordshire practice of combining livestock farming with the growing of cider apples.  Sales of cider have overtaken beer in Britain's off-licences and now top one billion pints a year.  (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Ashlee loved the cows, and every time she went to her Mammaw's, she wanted to walk up the street and see them. That morning was no different, she begged Aunt Bonnie  over and over again until finally she said, "All right, we'll go see the cows."

As soon as she got the OK, Ashlee ran into the kitchen and grabbed a dish towel.  Running back into the living room, she exclaimed, "I need to put this over my head in case one of them poops on me!" 

HAMILTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 27:  Cows are seen on farming pasture on May 27, 2009 in the Waikato, New Zealand. The farming industry is awaiting the outcome of the New Zealand budget which will be delivered by the Minister of Finance Bill English on Thursday this week, and is expected to be a 'responsible budget', intended to protect New Zealand from the effects of the world recession and ready the economy for recovery.  (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

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Ashlee said...

BAAHHAA! I am so glad you remember that! (Not really!) How funny. I don't even remember cows near Mamaw's house... but that is one funny story. I am going to have to ask my mom about it or my Mamaw! HAHA thanks for the laugh!


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