Thursday, December 01, 2016

Anybody Got A Truck?

It's finally December!  I've been waiting and waiting, and today I finally wore my new Christmas jewelry. 

I know it's kind of hard to tell from the picture, but they're little bows -- the kind you put on presents.   I got them from Avon.   I don't order from Avon that often, because when I do, I feel like I need to order enough to justify paying shipping charges.  This time, I actually remembered to request a new book with my order.  You'd think they'd include one anyway, but have to ask for one.

So, it's December 1st.  Way back in October, I'd gone to a local furniture store's going out of business sale.  That's when I'd bought my new recliner.  I'd also ordered a new mattress and box spring for Cody's bedroom, since he took his own bed down to his new apartment.  

While I was there, talking to the clerk, I specifically asked, "Do you deliver?"  Oh, yes, that's no problem.  We can deliver.  When the store owner came to quote me a sale price, the clerk told him, "She's going to need a delivery."  Oh, that's fine.  We can do that.  Absolutely. 

 I ordered the mattress and box spring.  He said it would take two to three weeks to arrive.  Two to three weeks went by and no mattress.  I called him, and he said, "Any day now."  Two to three more weeks went by, and I was getting aggravated.  I gathered up all my paperwork, and after work today, I was going to go down there and make him look me in the eye and explain to me why I still didn't have the stuff I'd ordered two months ago. 

As luck would have it, they called me instead.  On my break, I called them back, and the person I talked to said that the mattress I'd ordered never came, so they were going to give me one they had on hand.  It was a slightly more expensive set, but they'd give it to me at the same price.  Ok, great.  I told her, "I'm going to need that delivered." 

The lady said, "Oh, we don't do deliveries." 

Um, that's not what I was told when I ordered said mattress, and I told her so.  I said, "When I ordered the mattress, I specifically asked if they would deliver it and they said they could."  She said the person who told me that no longer works there, and they didn't have any way to deliver it.  If I'd know they wouldn't really deliver it, I wouldn't have ordered the dumb mattress.  I told the lady, "It's a good thing you're going out of business anyway, because this is not good business practice."  And I hung up on her.

Now I've got to find someone with a truck I can borrow to go get my mattress set.  Sigh, I do so hate to be a bother to people. 
It's a good thing we'd gotten so far ahead at work, because I was so mad, I didn't do much for the rest of the day.  I did come home and get that old bed frame down and put together.  Eh, it'll do, but someday, I'm going to get a new, better one.  And I need to buy some sheets and things. 

Finally, I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not have eaten what appears to be an entire box of Merry Minty Ho Hos.

 And that's all I have to say about that.

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