Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Wrapup

Admittedly, this was not a good weekend for me.  My Naval Academy Midshipmen lost, ending a 14 game winning streak against Army.  My Dallas Cowboys lost, ending an 11 game winning streak against...everybody except the New York Giants.

I found out Cody will not be able to come home for Christmas.  He has to work Christmas Day.  I'm a little bummed about that.  This will be the first Christmas, really ever, that I've been completely alone.  I started to say, "Well, what's the point then?" and take all my decorations down and put them away. 

But I didn't. Instead, I looked at my little journal

that my friend Kristine sent me out of the blue (which arrived the same day I found out Cody couldn't come home) and realized, I'm not really alone.  I've got people halfway across the country who are thinking of me, and caring enough to send me stuff.  It may seem like a little thing to some of you, but it means the world to me.

Then I put on one of my favorite Christmas songs, and approached the hallowed manger ground.

It was there I realized that whether I have a house full of people, or it's just me and the dogs; whether I have hundreds of presents, or none at all, Christmas is still Christmas.  Because of a baby born in a manger so long ago, I'm never truly alone.  So, JOY to the world, the Lord is come!

That's what Christmas is all about. 

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