Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Yesterday's Post

What I posted yesterday was not what I had planned on posting yesterday.  Oh, it started off as planned, but after telling you about how I'd thought about taking all my Christmas decorations down, I'd planned on telling you how I ended up putting even more out, though I hadn't planned on that.  Putting more out, I mean. 

I was going to tell you how I went into Cody's room to find some wrapping paper, and found these birch bark candles that I'd had forever, and decided to put them out.  Then I was going to tell you how I went out to the shed to get the pine garland to put around them, and found some picks Beverly gave me last year, and added them to the display.

Then I was going to tell you how I wrapped the other thing of pine garland around the bowl of balls and book on the bottom shelf, and added a few picks to that.  And I was going to tell you how, when I took the box of garland that I wasn't putting out this year back out to the shed, I found a box of small glass balls, and thought they'd work well in this vase.  

 I was going to tell you how I put the small balls in the vase and took the gold garland that was in the vase and wrapped it around the bottom, and it looks pretty good.  Then I decided Santa needed something, so I gave him a carpet of garland, too. 

I was going to wrap it all up by telling you that I'd gone that far, so I might as well go all the way, and put up my wreath and stockings.

And this wreath and these stockings.

I'd thought about mentioning that I'd made those stockings when I was a little girl and had given them to my Mammaw, and after she died, I got them back and have put them out every year since I got my own home.  Finally, I'd planned on telling you that I wanted to put up Santa and the two elves, but haven't figured out where to put them yet. 

That was what I'd planned on posting yesterday, but things didn't quite work out that way.  Once I got to writing, the post took on a life of its own.  Sometimes, when the words flow, all you can do is ride that river all the way to the ocean. 

If you're a writer, you know what I'm talking about.  

Now, for today's news.  The big green chair is no longer in my living room.

I was going to put it out for the trash men to pick up, but someone posted on the local free-bees group about wanting a recliner.  I offered her mine, and this evening, she sent her sons to pick it up.  It's amazing how much bigger my living room looks without it.

The bad news is, Rylea isn't speaking to me right now. 

Can't win them all.

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