Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Used Book Sites

Used book sites are going to be the death of me!  Well, maybe not of me, but of my checking account for sure.

A few days ago, I suddenly remembered one of my favorite childhood books, about a woman who had a pet alligator named Sam.  The book was called Days And Days Of Darling Sam.

"Hmmm," I thought to myself.  "I wonder if they have that book on Amazon."

Onto Amazon I jumped and sure enough, there was the book in a used book store.  I promptly ordered it.  Then I poked around a bit more and found another one of my childhood favorites, Jeanie Goes Riding

It was scheduled to arrive today, and yes, I did the Hyacinth Bucket version of mailman stalking until finally it came.

I was a bit concerned because there was no picture of the book on the website.  The description said it was in good condition, but without a picture, you can't really tell.  However, when the book arrived, it really was in good condition.  It's got some wear, but no more than is to be expected in a 48 year old book.

The story is about a little girl named Jeanie who loves horses.  One day her mother signs her up for riding lessons, and she gets to go riding.  I loved the book as a child.  Reading it as an adult, I thought Jeanie was somewhat of an obnoxious know it all.  Still, it's one of my favorite books, and I'm thrilled to be able to add it to my library.   

Back in the fall, I found clumps of spider lilies popping up all over my yard. 

I'd planned on moving them once the ground softened up enough.  The recent rains we've had have done just that, so this afternoon, I started moving some of them. 

I started putting them on the west side of my house.  I haven't figured out where I'm going to put the rest of them, and I've got a LOT of bulbs.  I've got several other clumps that need to be thinned, too.  I may post in the local yard sale groups on FB and see if anyone wants some. 

The good news is, I've made it this far on my new scarf and haven't found any knots yet.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

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