Friday, November 18, 2016

Yesterday And Today

I had a blog post all ready to post yesterday.  I'd mentally composed it while I was at work, and reworked it until I thought it was spot on.  It was a great post, another Dear Coworker post, or maybe a Thor's Day Mayhem post.  I hadn't decided which version to post, but either one would have been a doozy.  After I got home, I received some news that just threw my whole day out of sorts.

Back when I was growing up, our across the street neighbors had two kids -- a boy and a girl.  The boy was older, and he was the same age as my sister.  John and Susan, and my younger brother and sister were tight as kids.  They were like the fantastic foursome of our street.  Yesterday morning, John's wife posted that they'd had to rush him to the hospital, she didn't say why, only that it was bad.  After I got home from work, my sister informed me that he had died.  He was only 46.

I've known him pretty much all his life, and that just took the wind out of my sails.  After that, it just seemed somehow wrong to be sarcastic about a coworker, so that post will be postponed for a few days.

Now, let's brighten up this post with some good news, that being that I finally got my curtains hung back up.

Well, I got one set hung up.  These are the ones that used to hang in Cody's room.  I haven't hung the curtains on the small window yet, because I need to buy a curtain rod for it.  I know the bed is not centered under the window.  I may move it, I may not.  Depends on how it looks once I put the bookshelf I plan on buying in the corner and see how much room is left.

The only other thing I did was to go to the store and buy things for Thanksgiving dinner.  I wasn't sure how much to get, because I don't know if Cody is coming home or not.  I asked him and he said, "I'll try."  Not sure what that means, but oh, well.  I'm going to cook for me, and if he does come home, I'll just have fewer leftovers.

While I was there, I finally broke down and bought me a slightly smaller stock pot.

I'd had a great big one for a while.  I think it's a 16 qt, but I'm not sure.  I bought that one back when the plant was giving us those 20 lb turkeydactyls every year.  I needed one to boil the carcass down and make soup and it was big enough for that.  Last week, when I was cooking gumbo, I said to myself for probably the gazillionth time, "Self, you need a smaller stock pot."  So, I bought one.  This is an 8 quart pot.  I think I will break it in tomorrow, when I boil down the sweet potatoes for the casserole I'm going to make for Thanksgiving.

I also went buy the hardware store to see if they had those hooks to hang my Christmas lights with.  The outside lights, that is.  I was going to get some cup hooks and just screw them into my eaves and leave them.  I want the smaller kind, 1/2 " or so, and nobody seems to have anything smaller than 7/8'.  I can't even find them on Amazon smaller than 3/4".  I may have to settle for those, if I want to hang lights this year.

If you know where I can get some 3/4' cup hooks, I'd appreciate a link.

Oh, and the whole point of telling you that was that the same clerk who'd chatted me up a couple of weeks ago was in there, and he remembered me.  I never considered myself much of a memorable person, but maybe I am.  Too bad he's so much younger than I am, or I might just need to make a few more trips in to that there hardware store.

Speaking of Christmas, it looks like I might get a few blooms on my Christmas cactus after all.

I'd put it on my front porch for the summer, only my front porch got way more sun than I thought it would.  That's also why all my impatiens died.  Next summer, I'm going to put it in the back yard, where it's shadier.

I've got this little spot between my back doors and my little chimney that is just begging for a plant stand.

I know that's not a good picture, but it was raining, so I couldn't get out into the yard.  Well, I could have, but I didn't want to take a good picture badly enough to get soaking wet.

We've got a cold front moving through, and tomorrow night will be our first freeze warning of the year.  I stood in my back yard and took a picture of the tallow trees behind the fence, just in case.

We didn't get much fall color this year.  I think because it's been so very dry.  We're still under a burn ban over most of the state.

Sounds like the rain has slacked off a bit, so I'm going to let the dogs out to tend their business, then I'm going to bed.


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