Saturday, November 05, 2016

An Unusual Week

I went in to work Tuesday morning -- the plant being off Monday for maintenance and moving machines -- and when I got over to my line, all the work that had been there Thursday was gone.  My first thought was that the maintenance men had moved it.  No biggie.  I'd go find it after I'd gone upstairs and run off our daily production schedules.

I got upstairs and sorted through the stack of schedules to make my copies, only there wasn't one for my line.  What?  I went down to the tubing department and logged in to their computer.  I called up the schedule for my line on the company intranet, and the page was blank.  I went to line 4 and talked to their brazers.  We discovered that all of my line's work had been added to their schedule.

At this point, I was confused, since Boss Man James had said that my line -- which is normally the temp line for the summer peak season -- wasn't going to be shut down this fall.  I grabbed a broom and started sweeping until someone got there who could explain to me what was going on.

Soon, Boss Man James came and and said that my line would be shut down for the week, and he wanted me to go work on line 7 until my line opened back up.  So, that's where I've been this week.  Those of you who know me know that I don't handle change well, so I've been a bit discombobulated these last few days.  That's why there haven't been any blog posts.  Now that I'm combobulated again, I'm ready to catch you up.

Yesterday I got in there and painted those last two walls of my bedroom.

I was painting all those horrible grooves and thinking, "Boy, it's going a lot faster this time around".  Then I heard the school bus rumble down the road.  It was a lot later than I'd thought it was, so it wasn't going faster after all.  Once I got the grooves painted, doing the walls only took a few minutes.  However, I quickly realized that I would not have enough paint for a second coat.

This morning, I ran in to the hardware store and bought another gallon, and got chatted up by the sales clerk.  For those of you who do not watch tons and tons of British television, that means I got flirted with.  Either that, or he was being really, really, really nice -- I never can tell.

While I was there, I picked up this nifty little gadget.

It's for doing the corners.  Pretty cool, huh?

And this one for edging around my door and window frames.

If you're going to do a job, might as well do it right.  I wasn't pleased with the way the walls looked after using a paintbrush in those areas.  Tomorrow, I'm going to put the second coat on, and we'll see how well these things work.

Once I'm done with the bedroom, I'm going to get back to working on cutting up and splitting that huge pile of wood in my back yard, so I picked up a splitting wedge for some of the bigger logs.

The sales clerk asked me if I was going to do that myself, too (having previously asked me if I was doing the painting myself -- no kids or husband for me to recruit).  He said he felt like he should come do it for me.  I told him if he did, I wouldn't argue.

Don't be getting any ideas.  He was nice, but barely older than my son.  I'm not in to that whole cougar thing.

Other than going to the store, I didn't get anything done today, because we had a company picnic out at the lake.  They had lots of things for the kids to do -- face painting, bouncy houses, a balloon guy-- those sorts of things.  My coworker Edna said they needed to have some hammocks out there for us old folks.

One of the things they had was a pumpkin patch where the kids could go pick a pumpkin, and they had markers and stickers for them to decorate their pumpkins with.  I asked the lady if it was just for kids, or if grown folks could get a pumpkin and decorate it, too.  She said I could get one.  This is what I did:

Then I came home and watched Star Trek Beyond.

Yeah, I'm a geek.  And proud of it.

Live long and prosper.

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