Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First Frost

I've been having a hard time blogging lately.  I can't seem to think of anything to talk about, now that I don't have any projects going on in the new house.  I guess I'm kind of going through a post-painting letdown.  I still have to get the crown moulding up, but at this point, it's going to wait until after Christmas.  And I still have to get my mantle put back up, but I'm finding that rather intimidating at this point.  I may have to put out a cry for help.

Maybe the cutie that likes to flirt with me at the hardware store could do it for me....

Sunday morning, I woke up to a frosty white world.

That little fire in my wood heater sure felt good.

I'd originally planned on getting out that afternoon and working on cutting up that big pile of wood in my backyard, but I decided it was too cold.  What I actually did was to finish knitting a hat.

The yarn is some I had in my stash.  I think it's Red Heart in the colorway Gumdrop, but I'm not entirely sure.  I thought I had enough yarn to make a pom pom, but I didn't.  I tried, but it turned out a little too scraggly.  I stuck it back in the craft closet for now, because I couldn't bear to just throw it in the garbage.

Sunday's frost, followed by another hard freeze Sunday night, pretty much put the kibosh on my flower beds.  Today after work, I got out and pulled all the dead things up.  My poor beds look so empty and forlorn.

But they're better than being filled with dead plants.  I might get some winter flowers to plant in them for now.  Maybe pansies or something.  I'll have to research before buying anything.

What I have discovered is that there are spider lily bulbs all over this yard.

Even some still in my marigold bed.

Once the ground softens up enough, I'm going to transplant them into more convenient locations.  One of those locations being the bed right behind my house.  Maybe some along the side of my house.  I don't know yet, but anywhere is better than out in the middle of the yard.

Now, for those of you who didn't catch it earlier, we are working three days this week.  There was a rumor going around that we would only be working a half day tomorrow, but the Big Boss negated that.  "He can work all day, he doesn't have to cook," I said.

That being said, I'm going to end this post and get the first layer of my jello salad done before going to bed.

I don't know if Cody will be coming home, but whether he does or not, I'm still having a Thanksgiving dinner.

So there.

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