Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oh, The Weather

outside is frightful, but it ain't snowing.

That's hail, thunderstorms, and tornadoes out there.  I got hail the size of ping pong balls and strong winds at my house.  It got so bad, it bent my flagpole.

My house looks nekkid without my flag on it, but I'm glad that's the worst damage I got.  I'm thankful for my carport, and I'm so thankful I went ahead and got that tree cut down.  I have a feeling these winds could have sent it tumbling.

One of my friends -- who lives pretty close to me-- said she had a funnel cloud go over her house, and some on the local FB group said she saw one go over the lake.  The worst of it has passed me now, but I still have friends facing this front.

My poor cousin Kathy...she and her family were in Gatlinburg yesterday, and had to evacuate due to the wildfires.  They drove back to Alabama today -- just in time to get caught in this mess.  I know she's seen all the weather she wants to for a while!  Still, thankful everyone I know is safe.

Now, how about something a little more cheerful.  I took a chance and put my tree skirt down Sunday afternoon.

So far, so good -- meaning the cat hasn't peed on it yet.  Let's hope that trend continues...

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