Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Not So Fast

The plan was to get in there after work and put a second coat of paint on that one bedroom wall.

The reality was, I got up this morning and could barely move.  Seriously.  I was so sore.  After shuffling around around the plant all day looking like Tim Conway's little old man, I decided that there wall could wait until the weekend after all.

Supervisor Ronny stopped me and suggested I put a coat of Kilz on the wall before I painted it.  When a year or two have gone by and I forget what a headache this was and paint my living room, I'll remember that.  Ronny said he used to do that kind of work, and that's how he did it.  He also told me once that he used to be a lumberjack, and he was OK.  He slept all night and he worked all day...

I spent the rest of that day singing old Monty Python songs.  Here, I'll share it with you so you can have an earworm, too.  You're welcome.

Well, this post sure got weird in a hurry.  Let me try to redeem it with the new Piano Guys video:

There, that's better.

(Don't ask.  Even I don't know.)

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