Friday, July 15, 2016

Who is?

If you've read the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, you will know that there is a catch phrase frequently used by the characters in that book.

Who is John Galt?  

If you don't know what it means, I can't explain it.  It's one of those things you just have to know. Read the book.  It's linked above.

You remember that mysterious phone number I found a couple of weeks ago?  I still haven't found out who Terrance is, but lately, I've been finding myself using the Who is John Galt? phrase more and more in my own life.  Except mine is Who is Terrance?

As in, "Why did they skip this order?"

Me:  "Eh, who is Terrance?"

Or, "Why is it that they can find back up brazers for any other line except ours?"

Me:  *shrugging* "Who is Terrance?"

Or, "Jesse!  Why are you eating cat poop?"

Me:  "Ewww!  Oh, well, Who is Terrance?"

In other news, I got summoned to jury duty not this Monday, but next Monday.  Aside from the disruption in my routine and the awesome responsibility of potentially deciding someone's future, I'm kind of looking forward to it.  Why?  The court house has air conditioning.  The plant, not so much.

I think I'll take my copy of Atlas Shrugged to read while I'm there, since they don't allow electronics. No phone, no kindle.  Who knows, it just might get me dismissed.

Who is Terrance?

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