Saturday, July 02, 2016

Is There A Full Moon?

I'm not sure what was going on at work, but man, oh man, it was like someone dumped a whole bucket load of crazy out onto the plant.  Everyone was snapping and snarling.  Half my line went home at lunch, or shortly thereafter.

Even my supervisor and group leader got into it -- yelling at each other out in the aisle.  It was so bad, the attitude meds had to make another appearance.

My group leader asked me if they work, and I said, "They must.  I'm the only one over here without an attitude, and I'm usually the only one with an attitude."  I think everyone was mad about having to work a holiday weekend.

And I'm just over here going, "Overtime, yay!"

Speaking of, Cody is not going to be able to come home for the weekend.   He got some overtime today, and has to work Monday, so that is one more week I'll be able to pile my laundry on his bed.
It'll be a quiet holiday, but I'm used to it.  Beverly and James used to always go to a family reunion (on her daddy's side) in Texas.  They would take Cody with them and drop him off at his grandma's house that week.  I've got my own little Independence Day routine going on.  It includes patriotic movies and working on various crafts.  This year, I'll try to work on some of those needlepoint kits.

Oh, look.  I found another one.

I was informed that my collection was lightweight.  True, but if I still had the ones that got lost when I moved back from Italy, and the ones that got ruined when a hurricane destroyed my storage building, I would have a formidable collection indeed.

I went outside to mow after I'd gotten home from work.  The heat hit me, and I said, "Nope", and went back into the air conditioning.  I'll try to get out early in the morning and get it done.  I did stop long enough to take a picture of my red crepe myrtle.

I've also got some pink and some violet ones.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a baby!  Little Brooklyn Lain Hardin was born last night at 10:58 PM.  She weighed in at 7 lb 12 oz, and is 21 1/2 inches long.

Daddy Cameron is already totally smitten.

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