Friday, October 03, 2014

Taking The Plunge

I want to do something jolly with my hair.

I've been accused of being a red-head from the time I was 15.  I'd never really thought of myself as a ginger, but my grandpa said so.  I was visiting with my step-granny one Sunday morning before Sunday School, when Grandpa walked up and asked, "Did you put red highlights in your hair?"

No, I hadn't colored my hair at all.  That was its natural color. 

That was the first time I'd ever been accused of being a red-head, but it wasn't the last.  Even after I started coloring my hair, I'd been told I had red highlights.  No, sir, it's not red.  It's medium ash blonde.  Because that's what it says on the box.

Time goes by.  I didn't think much about my hair color, but sometimes I did think about it.  I wondered if I could pull it off  -- being a ginger.  This morning, I was watching Criminal Minds reruns on Netflix, and Garcia was suddenly a red-head.  I took it as a sign, so while I was in the store, I took the first step towards taking the plunge.

Buying the dye is one thing.  Actually using it is another.  So, what do you think?  Should I go red, or should I stay blonde?  Or light brown, as the case may be. 

I took another plunge yesterday.  I finally joined Instagram.  For anyone still under the same rock I was, Instagram is a photo sharing social media site.  You take photos with your phone, and they have these nifty little built in filters that add effects to your pictures. See, I took this picture of spider lilies in my front yard.

And applied an Instagram filter to it here. 

Cool, huh?  Here is a lovely shot of Rylea

made even lovlier by an Instagram filter.

And it only took one single click on my phone to make it happen.

As I was leaving for the store, I looked back and saw this.

Jesse says, "Why you go wifout me, Mama?"

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